Chief of the Army Warmly Welcomed by Infantry School Members, 11 to 15 October 2010

Article and Photos by Lieutenant Colonel Mafi Mgobozi, SA Army Corporate Communication

The Chief of the SA Army, Lieutenant General Solly Shoke, was warmly welcomed by members of Infantry School during his visit from 11 to 15 October 2010. The Chief of the SA Army attended the SA Army Extended Army Command Cadre. (EACC) meeting at Infantry School on 14 October 2010, he took time to address the members of Infantry School.

Chief of the SA Army, Lieutenant General Solly Shoke greeting members









During his address, the Chief of the Army apologised on behalf of the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Dr Lindiwe Sisulu, who was not able to address the members on Tuesday when she addressed the AECC members. This was due to her busy schedule. Lieutenant General Shoke said; “I felt that it will be appropriate for me to come and thank you for the work you are doing for the Army.”

Chief of the SA Army, Lieutenant General Solly Shoke addressing members of Infantry School










“I am pleased with the way you are conducting yourselves and the high standard of discipline. Keep up the good work. The way you sang the Infantry School song further demonstrated that you are not just mere members of the Infantry School, but you are part of it.”

The Chief of the SA Army briefed the members ON the work of the Interim Defence Commission. “The Commission is not only there to address the question of salaries, but there are other important issues which they are addressing. I hope that during the sitting of the parliament they will establish permanent commission.”

“As soldiers, we are unique to other public service workers. We are the only people who are prepared to lay up our lives for the country. The recent incident in the Democratic Republic of Congo is evident that we are unique. I know that there are certain problems, but I want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to solve them.”

During the interaction with the Chief of the SA Army, Lt Mneli told the Chief that they were very proud to be part of the SA Army. He complimented the programme, which is televised on SABC 2 on Wednesday, “In Your Defence”. He said: “Chief, the programme is very encouraging and informative. Actually it was long overdue to have such a programme.” One of the members stressed the importance of targeting the rural areas for recruitment.

SA Army members listening to Chief of the SA Army










The successful presentation of the EACC again confirmed why the Infantry School is internationally recognised and viewed as the best training institution in the SA Army.